May 1st 2024

Extension: 3.19.6-3.19.8

Quality of Life improvements

  • Add ability to also manually text-select output in the AI chat, instead of entire messages


  • Fixed regression with Reddit (once and for all as we got closer to the root cause!), and in the process killed a whole range of potential bugs with the highlighting execution on other pages!

  • Removed a whole bunch of error log spam in the page console (more removals to come soon!)

  • Fix bug on Firefox with the change to a authentication package that supported MV3, while Firefox is still MV2

  • Don't show "Sync Now" button if its already syncing

  • Add notification for Brave users about the issue with sync messages not going through on Brave.

    • If you are a Brave user you have to enable Google Messages and create a new sync entry. Go to brave://settings/privacy > "Use Google services for push messaging"

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